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Raftings by Dniester river

A trip through Dniester Canyon.

    The Dniester River Canyon borders with four regions: Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi, and Khmelnytsk. The Canyon is 250km long which makes it one of the largest not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. It was chosen as one of 7 natural wonders of Ukraine. The Canyon owes its formation to the specific geology structure of the locality as well as tectonic movements, wind and water erosion processes.

Geological sections give us a chance to discover the Earth’s history aged millions of years, and astonish with its grandeur and beauty. Geology aspects of the Canyon are composite.

Seven above-flood terraces have been the result of continuous making of Canyon’s magnificence. Its lower part houses Silurian and Devonian deposits (aged above 400 mln years), whereas upper parts – chalk (above 120 mln years) and Neogene deposits. Some deposits are the result of Quaternary loesses and loess loams.

The Dniester with its swirling meanders reminds a snake, floating gracefully and peacefully, thus enchanting us.


   The cliffs get warm under the sunlight, giving its warmth back at night. The Canyon, therefore, has subtropical climate which is beneficial for both running down the Dniester and staying here for a night.

Climate also influences the economy and culture of the people of this region, its flora and fauna. It is an interesting fact that in adjacent areas to the canyon trees bloom earlier, tomatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage local residents begin to harvest two weeks faster than those who grow vegetables that only a hundred miles away. Also, because the hot rocks have good air circulation and they are less likely to accumulate clouds, and some slopes are preferred for air sports enthusiasts.


We offer a plunge into a wild and unique world of the Dniester Canyon; feel its magical charm running down the river Dniester in catamarans.


 River float is a special kind of tourism which lets quickly comprehend large territories, cover a large number of interesting objects, and admire the various views that Dniester Canyon is so rich in.

To see the river from the shore is one thing, while being able to feel a part of the nature, having a constant workout in the boat – is something totally different.


     Rafting down the Dniester has many advantages; people seeking safe and relatively non-extreme sports will at once love this kind of outdoor activity.

Therefore, it’s safe to raft with families, young or old, kids as the qualified personnel will ensure your safety, introduce elements of technique rowing, hold exciting excursions to attractions of the Western region.


During the ride, you can get a pretty tan in the sun, swim in the river, see various sights of nature and history: silvery waterfalls, travertine cliffs, caves, grottoes, sit by the evening campfire... Unite with the nature, feel the harmony.
It's not the kind of experience you forget in a hurry

One should remember: it is sports and education trip, so be prepared to row, to help manage the boat, feel the water element. Also, if you feel: to collect firewood, to help break up the camp and not wake up from annoying sound of the alarm, but with the morning birds,  river noise, sunrise or instructors trumpet - a great start to go. And overnight in tents provide such pleasure, because during the journey your mobile home will become a quadruple tents which along with other equipment and your personal belongings will be transported during the trip.

The ride can last several days, during which you will enjoy outdoor recreation, feel full tourist spending a night in the tent, cooking food on fire with fresh home-grown, natural, and organic ingredients.

Feel the hospitality of Ukrainian people; get to know customs, culture and traditions of Western Ukraine. Watch the sun set and the evening sky as catching fish alone, sit around the campfire, meet the sunrise, hear the birds singing, wash your face in the morning dew...  Take as many pictures of beautiful natural scenery which the Dniester Canyon is so rich in and see rare plants and animals, most of which are listed in the Red Data List.

It will be a good chance to meet Ukraine. Many Europeans know Russia, but Ukraine - is a different story, a different language, different customs and traditions. It is much more beautiful and colorful than how it’s shaped to international tourists. Therefore, you do have to try to go to Ukraine and form an opinion about our Ukrainian independent state.

However, Ukraine's independence has brought a lot of political infightings. It is difficult to promote the country where there is a constant change in leadership floors for foreign tourists, and we understand it! Also, one should understand that perhaps political battles are an integral part of any young country. But we can change your opinion about Ukraine, you will fall in love with its natural beauty and we, in turn, will make every effort to make this journey memorable.

The group comprises of 8, 9, 15, 25 people.

Write us at turbyro@meta.ua